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Ashram Growth, Expansion, Progress

The Ashram is an ever evolving centre of spiritual and dynamic, creative growth, for all who come to it.
Being an old warehouse, designed for a specific purpose, the use we’ve put it to today gives it a whole new meaning.
We are constantly repairing, renovating and utilizing what materials we receive, and have for it’s development. The wonderful support of so many volunteers, makes it all possible, and along with generous contributions, we continue making this centre a place for the whole community to come in times of need, for their ongoing spiritual development or to offer support through different times of life. We gratefully accept all support that makes this possible.





Support a Childs Education in our Jadan School

Our School in Rural Rajasthan has fast become one of the most sought after for quality education. The school offers the highest level teaching from kindergarten through college, with many students achieving the highest marks across the state. We offer free schooling to the under-privilaged and require your support to ensure adequate equipment, and in some cases, residential housing is supplied. Equipment for the students includes books, uniforms, transport, daily meals, and curricular activities. Visit jadanschool.org for more. We thank you for every generous contribution and know this will make a difference to the life of a child. 




animal refuge 7

Help, Support & Save the lives of Desolate Cows

Our Cow shelters in Rural Rajasthan, the desert region of India, are home to thousands of abandoned, mal-nutritioned and often very ill cows, we find them, and give them a home. IN a region where the grass does not grow all year and where water is scarce, huge trucks are our only option to supply food and drinking water for these gentle animals. Help our Cow shelter (Goshala) by donating to feed them, to help deliver veterinary care, to help build roofs against the extreme heat, and thus ensure these animals are saved from the slaughter houses. 





Shri Deveshwar Mahadev Mandir - Temple in honor of Shiva in the heart of Brisbane

The Shiva temple, located in the garden of Brisbane Ashram, is a spiritual centre of prayer, meditation, and personal time for those who wish to honor Lord Shiva. Shiva gave the entire yogic science to mankind and is revered as pure consciousness, that which we are all striving to achieve. Shiva is also synonymous with truth and beauty.
The temple offers prasad, (blessed food) for all who visit. It also requires daily up-keep, maintenance and is open on Mondays 7 - 9am and Sundays 9am - 4pm. To help the temple serve those who visit you may contribute, your donation will be used for Prasad, and general maintenance.