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Yoga On the Beach

Learn about the Asanas and the authentic practices at Yoga In Daily Life. >more



Yoga In The Prairie

Understanding the interconnection and how Yoga leads to vitality. >more



Woman Meditating

An indispensible tool for Peace of mind and inner contentment. >more



The essence of Yoga practice is hidden in the ancient teachings. >more


Man Feeding Cow

The practice of Selfless service for the benefit of all creation . >more




Self Realisation


Food & Nutrition


Pre-Natal Yoga



Bird Taking Flight    Self Realisation   Food and Nutrition   Pre-Natal Yoga   Environment
Peace begins within
one’s own heart, finding inspiration at all times.  >more
  The ultimate goal of Yoga practice, the practice and in theory. >more   Recipes, ideas and inspiration to maintain health and healing >more   Mums to be can benefit immensely from a dedicated Yoga practice. >more   Yoga practice extends to taking care of our beautiful living planet >more