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When your body is full of vikara (impurity) then your mind is also infected and it’s as though your intellect is covered with fog and dust – your view of reality is unclear and wrong. Our food is full of rajasic and tamasic guna. It depends how the food has been prepared, this can already change the quality of the food. We have developed a wrong sense of taste, a wrong way of cooking, we don’t know anymore what to eat, when to eat or how to cook.


The best and the only way to purify the body is to practise yoga. Asanas, pranayama, shanka prakshalana (purification of the intense tights). Lets make a sankalpa for the coming year to practise regularly, make shanka prakshalana four times a year, eat healthy food. If you doshanka prakshalana regularly you will avoid many illnesses and maintain your good health.


For your good health, positive and sattvic energy, do every morning: neti, kapala bhati orbhastrika pranayama and agnisara kriya. Also asanas and pranayama for one and half hours each day. Each week on Monday do kunjal kriya and four times a year (when the seasons change) you should make shanka prakshalana. (An alternative for those who cannot do shanka prakshalana: take sonamukhi (senna) or bitter salt, every second week.)


Eat sattvic (pure) food: vegetables, fruits, sprouts, salad. Less bread, cheese and sugar. Change your diet and set your alarm to 4:30am. Then do your sadhana peacefully, and you will have a beautiful day. If you practice two hours a day, you are winning two additional hours for your life.


Living in a lazy body is like living in a coffin. A lazy body, an undisciplined body, is a dead body. Wash out tamas guna and vikara!


Observe and realize in practice four points in your daily life:

acara (how you should behave), vicara (what you should think), ahara (what you should eat),vihara (with whom you should keep company).


Don’t treat your body like a garbage bin. Ask yourself what has been your motivation and goal in your life, and have you fulfilled this motivation or wish?


My recommendation for you is: You should start to practise Yoga in Daily Life.


Our "slogan": “Yoga in Daily Life – Harmony for Body, Mind and Soul”. This inspired many of you. This you were searching, this you wanted to realise. We are civilised and educated people. We know what body, mind and soul are, we know what harmony means. Harmony in the family, in the environment, in society, in relationships and within us. That was the cause that attracted you, that inspired you. And now you are here. Many years, months or days later.


Only a hungry person knows what food is. Only oneself knows the reality about oneself . Ask yourself now: How far have you realised the aim that you came here for? Has the iron been changed into gold? The question is: Is the paras a real paras, or didn’t the paras touch the iron properly? So, either Yoga is not that, which can give us harmony for body, mind and soul. Or it still did not touch your heart. Due to our ignorance, our laziness, our doubts…


I would not say that yoga is not real. Yoga is divine. It is a science of body, mind and consciousness. It is the balancing principle for the whole universe.


Obviously the problem lies within us.


Constantly we complain about our illnesses. When you really practise yoga you will be far away from roga (illness). Where there are bhoga (desires), there is roga, illness. Where there is raga, attachment, jealousy, anger, there is also roga.


But yoga is something else. If you practise yoga, those three things will automatically disappear. When the sun rises, automatically darkness disappears. When you begin withyoga, then raga, bhoga and roga will go away. But we don’t let them go! We’d rather miss ouryoga exercises, but we don’t want to miss our bhoga exercises. For bhogas and ragas we have plenty of time. And the result of ragas and bhogas is roga, illness. And if you take drugs  roga is rising even into your mind and intellect.


Ayurveda means knowledge about life, about the expansion of the life. Ayurveda provides a program for arogya. Rogi is the ill one, arogi is the healthy one. In Sanskrit we don’t say “good appetite” before eating, we say “Arogye”, “good health”. Culture is connected to the language. The language is a picture of the culture. Culture is a living principle. Culture leads us. That culture that gives us a right direction through language, food, arts, music, dance, singing, painting, writing … there are many branches of culture. Culture is a leading power for humans. When humans loose their culture, they have lost their direction.


Therefore I would ask you to begin more seriously with yoga. You will gain contentment and happiness. You will experience joy with your body, mind and soul. So, start to practise seriously asanas, pranayamas, mudras, bandhas, kriyas, meditation and seva, helping, serving.


We need two kinds of persons: the yogi and the rogi. The yogi who can cure and the rogi to be cured. But two we don’t need: the bhogi and the rogi.


You should realise what you came here for. You should show the world that yoga can really give harmony for body, mind and soul. Be the paras, the precious stone that turns iron into gold. Turn the negative qualities and vibrations into wisdom, understanding and forgiveness. Help others, turn their ignorance into knowledge and remain steady in your faith, discipline and inner harmony.


Life is very unsure. We cannot trust our life. That means we don’t know when our last day will come. A sudden accident can happen any time. Illnesses. Heart attack. This body is not given to us forever. Therefore Guru Nanak Sahib said: Teri biti umara Hari Nam bina – “Your life is empty without the name of God.” At least now, begin to remember God.


This human life is given to gain knowledge, atma gyana, knowledge of the Self. This life is given to us to become liberated. It is the only chance. If you miss this chance, you will not forgive yourself. Whatever you are angry or jealous about, or have doubts about, or like, or don’t like, will have no any meaning. You are bothering about others unnecessarily. You should only create friendship.


Love is life. If you don’t have love in your life, it is no life. Love of friends, love of nature, love of other creatures. Prem hi jivan – life is love, and love is life, and love is God.


In order to get friends you have to become a friend. The distance depends on you. If you think you don’t like others, or others don’t like you – it is only your phobia. Therefore create more and more friends. Then there will be no wars. There will be no fighting.


So many are sitting here from different nations, and none of us has a weapon. We are all friends and we are all happy together. World peace and happiness and friendship depend on you, individually. It is in your hands. Now, at the end of the year, according to Christianity, you should remember all your friends. Don’t forget to remember them and wish them a prosperous and happy new year. And at the end of next year you should have twice as many friends!


In India we say: dosthi. Do means two, and sathi is truth. One is going on the path of truth and takes along the other, also on the path of truth. We all are on the path of truth and spirituality. And we should walk with harmony, love and understanding. Mistakes happens with everyone. Don’t think that you don’t make mistakes. There will be one day when you will stop making mistakes, when you die. As long as your friends live they will make mistakes. Forgiveness should always be there. As long as you are alive.


Friends are the richness in life. Not cheats, not back-biters. But first you have to make the step towards friendship. We don’t know what will happen to us in this life. As long as we are in this body we do our best. Do good and positive things. Meditate and pray. Repeat the name of God.


There are three mental principles: manas, buddhi and viveka.


The principle of manas is sankalpa and vikalpa. The mind is influenced by senses and feelings, and actions follow them. There is shama and dama in gyana yoga. Shama means to withdraw your senses and Vrittis from the external world. That doesn’t mean that you detach and run away. When you drive a car and another car is coming, carefully you pass by. You avoid touching this car. But you don’t go off the road. Similarly you should handle samsara. There are many things, and you need not to take all of them into consideration. You should be able to say: “No, I don’t want that." This means to withdraw, to become introvert. Introvert doesn’t mean to become dull. Not to become depressed, not that you talk to everybody. That is an unhappy state of mind. That you are not able to coordinate your body and mind and outer world. This is not a yogi. Dama means to observe and control the senses. You tell your dog: Sit down, and he is sitting there. Still you will observe him that he is not running away and hunt behind something. Similarly you tell your senses to draw back that they don’t run wild. Who can manage this is the happiest person.


Sayama means to everyday observe carefully that your senses and vrittis keep within a certain border. Don’t allow them to go out of this border. This is not for one weekend only, but forever. This is called niyama, discipline. If you get up at 6am then do it every day. Keep your habits. Sandhya vandana, in the morning and in the evening at sunrise and sunset, you should make prayer and think of God. When the darkness appears, when the sun goes down, then you put on the light. The first light that you see in the evening, does not matter where, the first light in the darkness, you should greet. Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya – “Lead us from darkness to the light.” Light is something indescribable. We don’t know what the light means. He who lost his eyes knows what he has lost. Our eyes are the most precious senses God has given to us. When you see the first light, be thankful to God. The light is the same for all. It does not depend on one’s religion. It is the same for Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Moslems, Jews etc.


To protect sanatana dharma means to protect yourself. To protect yourself means, protect your eyes, your ears, your speech, and all limbs. All limbs should be healthy. To take care of them needs to do some sadhana, sayama and niyama. A healthy, sattvic diet, clean and fresh water. When you are thirsty the body requires water – not juice, not beer, not wine, not Coke. Keep your body clean and pray. The human aim is to gain atma gyana. That is only possible through sayama and niyama, sandhya vandana. That will help your spirituality to develop and grow. Look into your inner mirror always. What are you thinking? Achalramji said in his Bhajan: Purity creates positive thinking, and impurity creates negative thinking. When you get up think positive. Greet God. Make a positive Sankalpa for the day. Wake up and get out of the mud and dirt. Purify the spots from your mind. They are so oily that you have to wash them through many, many lives. One life is not enough to clean them away. On the stone of gyana, with the water of bhakti and the soap of vairagya. Gyana, bhakti and vairagyaare the essential qualities.


Don’t think that you will never achieve this. Don’t think it is senseless. Just start, and keep the discipline. Bring your train onto the rails and it will run. Sayama and niyama you can do anywhere in the world. Protect your body. Observe your thoughts. Keep your eye on your senses. Atma chintana. Think of your atma. "Who am I?" Higher thinking. Tapas, tyaga is very important. Have the ability to endure something. Use your buddhi, your intellect – train and educate it in the proper way, so that it can give you the right judgements. The cream of the cream, the best part of your intellect, is viveka. Whatever you are saying, whatever you are doing, use always your viveka – discrimination. Otherwise you will be sorry. Only viveka can divide the truth from untruth. Like lemon divides the milk, separating the water to one side and panir the other side. Whoever has viveka all the time is the happiest person. Viveka is not a victim of emotion. Senses, mind and intellect are influenced by your emotions, but withviveka your always see the truth, the reality. This ability only humans have. Without vivekayou will suffer, not only in this life, but in many, many lives.


Within you is a fountain of joy! This fountain you should seek. It is called paramananda. It is within us. As long as you have not discovered this fountain, you have desires. But this enjoyment will bring you more sorrows than joy. Because viveka is not there. When vivekaappears you will find the fountain of eternal joy, the ocean of bliss that is within you. Can you measure the water of the ocean? It is endless, limitless. Your blissfulness is immeasurable, too. All divine blessings are there.


But to experience this you have to follow what I have said. If you seek only joy of the senses you will not find endless pleasure, only endless misery. Unbearable suffering for many, many lives.


Within you is the immortal atma. Kill your little "I", your pride, and enjoy a divine life. It is there. It is such a miraculous thing. You are carrying it within you, and don’t know about it.


Kabirdas said: “When I see the fish in the water is thirsty, I laugh. Where can the fish quench his thirst other than in the water.”


Similarly, you are fighting with so many foolish and rubbish things, jealousy, sadness, depression, loneliness. Throw away the blanket of laziness; blow away the cloud of darkness. Wake up and become Thy Self!


Mahaprabhuji said: “I am my Self. I am that tapasvi, I have no moha. My vandana (reverence) to my Self. The entire universe is my Self. “


This consciousness we have to develop. The easiest way is sayama and niyama. And morning and evening prayer, sandhya vandana. And protect the sanatana dharma – the dharma of your body, of your mind, of nature, of the seasons. Follow the Eternal dharma with which we are connected. Get up every morning with good and healthy thoughts.


Endure, and finally you will be there. I wish you all the best. Many blessings to everybody.


Sri Deep Narayan Bhagwan ki Jay.
Sri Deveshvar Mahadeva ki Jay.
Dharmsamrat Paramhans Swami Madhavanandaji Gurudeva ki Jay.



Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda

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