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Yoga in Daily Life® a scientific system of yoga & meditation is based on ancient wisdom and adapted for modern times. Yoga in Daily life is designed for health & lifestyle management, based on four main principles - physical health, social health, mental health & spiritual health. The system was developed by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, as a means to show people the way to live a contented and purposeful human life. It is practiced by people from all walks of life, regardless of age or level of physical ability. Yoga in Daily Life® classes are conducted worldwide for the general public; in the professional and corporate sector; in hospitals & rehabilitation centres; as well as for adults and children with special needs. Today, incorporated non-profit Yoga in Daily Life Associations are established in 26 countries around the world, each being actively involved in local, national and international community projects.



A Healthy Body

“Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health”, Paracelsus

To promote physical health, the Yoga in Daily Life® System begins with a series of simple exercises designed to warm, stretch and improve flexibility.  These exercises, together with basic relaxation techniques, gradually prepare the practitioner for the classical Yoga practices which include:

  • Yoga Asanas - postures
  • Hatha Yoga Kriyas - practices to cleanse & detoxify the body
  • Pranayam - breath control
  • Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation


These techniques awaken the natural healing capacity of the human body, providing an independent means of achieving a balanced and vital state of health.  When practiced regularly the techniques can alleviate almost all conditions of ill-health including stress, muscle and joint pain and chronic disease.  On a more subtle level they harmonize the chakras and energy systems, whilst also preparing the practitioner for contemplation and meditation.



A Peaceful Mind

Clarity of thought, inner freedom, contentment and a healthy self-confidence are the basis for mental wellbeing. The Yoga in Daily Life® system offers numerous methods to attain mental wellbeing, including mantra practice, the observance of ethical principles, keeping of good company and the study of spiritual texts to purify and liberate the mind. A unique feature of the Yoga in Daily Life® system is the Self-Enquiry Meditation Technique to access the deepest recess of one’s psyche.

A Healthy Society

“Be the Change you want to see”, Mahatma Gandhi


The Yoga practitioner develops balance and happiness, which become a genuine source of joy, peace and stability for others, in turn contributing to a healthier, balanced and conflict free society.


Yoga in Daily Life® is built on the foundation of service – the wish to create a better world and the willingness to actively work for the welfare of all – humans, animals and the environment.


The Yoga in Daily Life® centres around the world conduct humanitarian service in their local community such as Yoga for the disabled, Yoga for palliative care, Yoga for the mentally ill and Yoga for the elderly.  The centres also host fundraising events to support various humanitarian causes in the third world – disaster relief funds, the construction of rural hospitals, an underprivileged child education scheme and support for a children’s drug rehabilitation centre.  Yoga in Daily Life® hosts annual interfaith dialogues between eminent religious leaders of the world, conducts international forums and conferences on world peace and is actively involved in the world sustainable development initiatives of the United Nations.



A Spiritual Consciousness

“The more wisdom you possess, the more humble becomes your mind.

The more understanding you develop; the more helpful become your actions.

The more goodness residing in your heart, the more love you feel for every being.” Swamiji


In the development of self-awareness, one becomes a more considerate individual, who is caring of the environment and compassionate towards all creatures that inhabit it.  To protect life and respect the individuality and independence of all forms of life is a primary practice of the Yoga teachings. By following this precept throughout life, greater tolerance, understanding, mutual love, help and compassion will be displayed between individuals and nations alike - inclusive of all humans, races and religious faiths. Those qualities that really make us human are the ability to give, understand and forgive.


As the most highly developed being upon earth, the human is capable of realising their real nature and inner Self. The spiritual goal of Yoga is Self-Realisation, the union of the individual soul with the cosmic consciousness. Towards this end, Yoga in Daily Life® offers guidance to each individual on the spiritual path, through the practices of Mantra Yoga and Kriya Yoga.

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